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Oak Hill Hospital RN Named Star Associate

Regalado Cagang Jr., RN

Regalado Cagang Jr., RN, BSN, of Oak Hill Hospital in Spring Hill, Fla., was named a Star Associate for February. Each month, staff are chosen in a process that involves nominations and voting by their peers, patients, patient families and physicians. Cagang’s nominations came from patients’ families.

Oak Hill Hospital also celebrated Certified Nurses Day March 19 by honoring its board-certified nurses, including administrator Walter A. Pannone, NEA, and, in the cardiovascular ICU: CCRNs Tracy Augugliaro, Christina Bollan, Christina Byrd (CSC), Michelle Carlin, Adam Davies (CEN, CSC), Deborah Gervasi, Jeffrey McDermott, William Messenger, Jonathan Michaels (CEN, CMC, CSC), Carolyn Mooney (CSC), Tara Rives, Linda Rosenberg, Robert Toledo, and Samantha Wood. CNORs on the unit include Mariabella Ballesteros, Maryanne Cembrano, Victoria Dadural, George Larue and Regina Yee Kin Lee.

In the ED, CENs include Jim Aemisegger, Marya Baig, Linda Baillie, Liz Beaulieu, Claire Bell, Lindsay Gibson, Christina Harbig, Chris Howley, Larry Jackson, Patricia Knight, Lisa Kramer, Carolyn Larosa, Kim Loucks, Lisa Mathews (CCRN, BCEN), Barb Meister, Chris Montgomery, Alecia Nix, Demetria Null, Michael Nutter, Tracy Swetokos (CPEN), Bonnie Thompson, Michael Ward, and Nicole Wistling.

In the surgical ICU: Lisa Caywood, CEN; Sherry Pope, CEN; Karen Ross, RNBC, RNC; Laura Schwall, CCRN; and Gail Werner, CCRN.

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