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Nursing Excellence 2011 Finalists: Clinical Care

The Clinical Care finalists from the Greater Philadelphia Tri-State region for the Nursing Spectrum 2011 Nursing Excellence awards are as follows:

Febe Janse van Rensburg, RN, BSN, CCRN
Staff Nurse
Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia
Nominated by: Stephanie Maillie, RN

Educated in South Africa, Janse van Rensburg has an extensive career record that spans a decade and two continents. She effectively transcends the staff RN role and is seen as a unit leader and mentor when interacting with new staff nurse colleagues in the clinical setting. She is a constant role model, not only when she precepts, but at all times because she always puts the patient first. She sees patients and their families as individuals and advocates for them, especially when they are most vulnerable. She takes seriously her personal and professional development and is back in school part-time as an MSN student. She leads and mentors by example, as exhibited by her membership in the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and recently obtained her CCRN.

Diane Ohaus, RN

Janse van Rensburg also has volunteered to be the hospital’s Magnet Champion representative and is an active participant in a new Quality Initiative, the CUSP Project.

Diana Ohaus, RN, BSN
Staff Nurse
Kennedy University Hospital, Stratford, N.J.
Nominated by: Susan Cooke, RN

Ohaus functions as a primary preceptor to new staff and the unit resource for her colleagues. About three years ago, shared governance was started in the ICU. Initially, Ohaus took on the chairperson role of the scheduling committee. After a year’s time she was asked to be the chairperson of the unit education council. In her role as education council chairperson she took on the task of organizing education of staff on the UTI prevention bundle. She used the new simulation lab to build a comprehensive educational session related to UTI reduction. The hospital education department was so impressed, it rolled out the education to the rest of the nursing staff at all campuses. Since the offering of this educational session, the Foley device days in the ICU have been reduced by more than half, and the rate of infection also decreased by 45%. She regularly participates in many key committees, including Critical Care Service, Medication Safety Team, Informatics and Staff Development. She also serves as an Advisory Board alternate.

Monica M. Boyle, RNC

Monica M. Boyle, RNC, BSN, NIC
Nurse Clinician Level 4
Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, Del.
Nominated by: Norine Watson

Boyle is a direct care RN in a neonatal ICU. Her peers frequently consult her for guidance in caring for critically unstable micro-preemies or the older infant with challenging family dynamics. She recently became the chair of the Nursing Shared Governance Congress and organized the donation of mittens to surrounding pediatric clinics. For the past two years she reviewed nominations for the Delaware Excellence in Nursing Practice award program. This year she volunteered to be the co-managing editor for the Delaware Nurses Association quarterly publication. She has given multiple poster and podium presentations at local and national conferences, including the poster presentation “Perinatal Hypophosphatasia: Challenging Neonatal Nursing Practice.” She uses this poster when orienting newer nurses.

Miriam P. Yorkman, RN

Miriam P. Yorkman, RN, BSN, CARN
Staff Nurse
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia
Nominated by: Theresa Paulson

Yorkman is a direct care nurse in an 18-bed inpatient addiction treatment unit at an inner-city teaching hospital. She is pursuing a Master in Nursing Psychology degree and is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse. She has served in the hospital’s Addictions Treatment Unit for 14 years and is a highly valued nurse, earning praise from colleagues and former patients. Her professional memberships include the American Nurses Association, the International Nursing Association on Addiction, and Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. She is an active member of several critical multidisciplinary committees, including the hospital’s Documentation Committee, Peer Review and Mentoring Committee, Magnet Champions and the Nursing Shared Governance Leadership Council. She serves in a leadership capacity as the Magnet Unit Based Council Chair and as chair of the Cultural Diversity Committee, a group she helped create.

Lisa Waraksa, RN

Lisa Waraksa, RN, BSN, CPN
Pediatric Clinical Level 4 Staff Nurse
Bryn Mawr (Pa.) Hospital
Nominated by: Patricia Decina

Waraksa is a pediatric staff nurse in a community teaching hospital. She was one of the first nurses in the multihospital health system to meet the rigorous criteria for clinical level 4, and she continues to be among the approximately 15 RNs to maintain this title. When she believed the hospital’s treatment plan for infants with jaundice was outdated, she began to research a way to deliver care effectively and efficiently and promote the interaction of parent and infant. She gained the approval of physicians and administrators to conduct research and engaged the entire staff of the pediatric unit to participate. She also changed practice on the pediatric unit. She has served as the chair of the Pediatric Policy and Procedure Committee for several years and as a member of the Clinical Ladder Committee.

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