Which states have made hitting a nurse a felony?

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Dear Nancy,

How many states have made it a felony to hit a nurse on duty?

Anna Marie

Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Anna Marie,

Violence in the workplace, including violence against nurses and other healthcare workers, is unacceptable. Yet, it continues far too often.

Many states have taken action to either strengthen or increase penalties for acts of workplace violence that affect nursing. Some of those states include Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Maine, North Carolina and West Virginia. In 2011, 22 states have introduced legislation to punish those who are violent against nurses. You can review this information on the American Nurses Association website at (www.nursingworld.org/workplaceviolence). The article is extremely informative and includes summaries of laws already “on the books” and bills proposed throughout the U.S.



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    Zack Iseman January 28, 2021 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    I was a recuperating heart patient in ICU of Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, MD. I was abused by a couple of ignorant nurses and I filed a complaint. Have no idea if action was taken.

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