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Glycemic Management Critical Project at Florida Hospital

The Diabetes Committee in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Florida Hospital Orlando has been striving to keep the critical care population within a good blood glucose range since October 2009.

Think Zero! Poster. This poster provided strategies to the nursing staff to prevent hypoglycemia in the critical care population.

Early intervention and prevention is necessary to effectively manage the complications and costs associated with diabetes, a multiorgan disease that is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the American Diabetes Association.

The standard of care changed in Florida Hospital Orlando’s CICU in October 2009 to better identify and manage critical care patients who needed insulin therapy. Changes included blood glucose assessments on all patients admitted to the unit. If the blood-glucose level at admission was greater than 150mg/dL, a second assessment would be performed during the next two to four hours. If the blood-glucose level remained greater than 150mg/dL, nurses would call the attending physician to get an order for EndoTool, a computerized glucose management system, or multimodal insulin therapy.

This poster provided information regarding the policy and protocols of glycemic management in the CICU.

The committee also created auditing tools to track compliance with the standard-of-care changes and educated staff on the importance of providing patients with bedtime snacks.

Diabetes committee member Mariel Madrideo, RN, checks the blood glucose of RN and committee member Christine Ganzo.

Members of the Diabetes Committee include: Natalie Roye, RN, MSN, MBA-HCM; Nimfa Tolentino, RN, MSN; Miriam Padron, RN; Mariel Madrideo, RN, BSN; Marnette Valcin, RN; Sybil Callender, RN; Janet Bobrowski, RN; Katrina Lebrun, RN, BSN; Karen Demeter, RN; Susan Ramsey, RN; Teresita Reyes, RN; and Christine Ganzo, RN. Cathy Stankiewicz, RN, BSN, performance improvement coordinator; Loreen Hand, RN, BSN; and Chris Mincey, RN, BSN, CICU nurse manager; also helped to make the Diabetes Skills Fair a success this November.

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