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What type of insurance should I get to protect my license?


Dear Nancy,

As a new RN, what type of insurance should I get to protect my license?


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Bella,

As a new graduate, you probably were required to buy a professional liability policy while a student in your nursing education program. If you can continue that policy and convert it for coverage as a practicing RN, this would be an option for you to consider. In whatever role you undertake as a practicing RN, you will need to be covered by a professional liability insurance policy. There are many available policies for purchase if you need or prefer to do so, and you can review their respective coverage, costs, specifics and so forth online. Simply place “professional liability insurance policies for nurses” in your search bar and review the websites that are listed.

It would be important to select a policy that also provides reimbursement and an attorney to represent you in professional licensure proceedings (before the state board of nursing). Although coverage for professional negligence lawsuits is vital, so too is coverage in board of nursing proceedings. Such proceedings can be costly and may require expert witnesses and opinion witnesses, as examples, just as professional negligence cases do.

The cost of your professional liability insurance policy is minimal compared to what you would have to fund if you were named in a professional negligence case or a professional licensure action was initiated against you.

Because you would have to hire an attorney, pay for court or hearing costs, pay witnesses fees and so forth out of your own pocket, your insurance policy provides you with a source of money to defend the case and provides you with an attorney to represent you. Although the policy limits might not cover all costs, expenses and/or a monetary judgment against you, it is foolish not to have this option available should you need it.

Carrying professional liability insurance also is a decision based on your accountability and responsibility as a nursing professional.


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    Sheila Dumont July 10, 2018 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    Does anyone have any recommendations on an insurance company that defends you against the BON?

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