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Fast, Easy Translating Ensures Better Nurse-Patient Communication

Southwest Washington Medical Center is discovering that delivering quality care to limited English proficiency patients now is much easier with InDemand Interpreting. The system allows instant access to interpreters with just one mouse click.

“The use of InDemand eliminates the stress of scheduling interpreters and having appointments delayed or even canceled,” says Lynda D. Benak, RN, MSN, manager, Clinical Risk Management, Patient Relations and Interpreting Services at Southwest Washington Medical Center. “Whenever the need arises, you simply roll the device, mounted on a sturdy rolling cart, into a patient room and begin.”

According to Systematech, manufacturers of InDemand, the need for translating services, now mandated by law, is expected to increase 38% from 2006 to 2016. To meet the burgeoning demands, Systematech has three call centers throughout Washington that are available 24/7. Once InDemand is set up, language choices appear on screen.

In-Demand at Memorial urgent care wtih Raelene Jarvis, RN; Kent Pauly, MA; Roselita Bird, MA; Terry Bonewall, RT; Sandi Webber, LPN’ Rebecca Simmonds, LPN; and Holly Cooper, LPN.

“We currently support Spanish, Russian, American Sign Language and Vietnamese,” says Andrew Drake, chief operating officer at Systematech, about the languages available on system. “This makes up about 90% of the needs for our current customers. We are adding Somali in February and Cantonese in March.”

After selecting a language (choosing gender also is an option), an interpreter appears on the screen, usually within a few seconds but never longer than 30 seconds.

“They will ask for the medical record number, the encounter number, or however your account decides to identify the calls, and you begin your interpreting session,” Benak says. “Most interpreting encounters are between nine and 12 minutes. When InDemand is not used for a patient session, our next choice of service would be telephonic. Our last choice is an onsite interpreter, unless the patient or physician specifically requests it.”

She says nurses and patients appreciate the system’s motto: “Your world, your words, 30 seconds.”

“When we piloted the project, the response from patients and staff was overwhelmingly positive.”

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