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Real-Life Training in Sim Lab Includes Intense DNR Scenario

From a lifelike newborn baby to an adult mannequin that can cry, talk, sweat, cough and breathe, a new simulation lab at the University of Phoenix’s Salida Learning Center is giving vital hands-on experience to aspiring nurses.

The simulation center, which debuted in November, places students in real-life scenarios designed to help prepare them for serious situations while remaining in a safe environment, according to a news release.

The center boasts cutting-edge technology and equipment that includes high-fidelity mannequin versions of a birthing mother, newborn, young child and older adults, as well as a fully equipped hospital room with four beds and patient monitors. A procedure room with two high-fidelity mannequins wired for live and recorded video monitoring also is part of the new simulation lab.

LVN-to-BSN faculty member Betty Earle shows Shannon Leonardini, corporate education manager, the high-tech capabilities of the high fidelity mannequins.

“High-tech simulated training environments are the latest innovation in nursing education, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to our nursing students,” said Pam Fuller, RN, EdD, dean of the University of Phoenix’s College of Nursing. “Giving students the opportunity to practice responses to life-threatening situations in this risk-free environment will help build their confidence and skills in real-world nursing situations.”

Among the scenarios students might encounter in the lab is a patient with late-stage pancreatic cancer who refuses anti-depressants and has signed a Do Not Resuscitate order against his family’s wishes, causing drama at his bedside and making nearby patients alarmed and agitated.

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