I failed a pre-employment drug test. What repercussions can I expect from my state board of nursing?

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Dear Donna,

I tested positive for marijuana on a pre-employment test. This was then turned into the board of nursing in my state. I am not a chronic user. I did not know that marijuana stays in your system for 30 days.

I have a 30-year career and am facing the board of nursing, and so far they have wanted a lot of documentation, such as my resume, job description, letter of explanation, job evaluations, etc. I am so petrified that I am depressed and afraid to seek employment. What can I expect from the board?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Cheryl,

It is imperative that you seek the advice and counsel of a nurse attorney. A nurse attorney is uniquely qualified to advocate for nurses within the legal system and especially with the state board of nursing. He or she can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

Find a nurse attorney by asking around, by getting a referral from the American Nurses Association (www.ana.org) or from The American Association of Nurse Attorney’s (www.taana.org).

Your license, reputation and livelihood are at stake. Do not leave this situation to chance. The cost of working with a nurse attorney might be less than you would expect, especially compared with the cost of having your license sanctioned or suspended.

Best wishes,


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