Can a deposition affect my license? If I resign, will this affect the deposition?

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Dear Donna.

I have been a nurse for 2 1/2 years and am an RN, BSN. I’m in the middle of a deposition about a patient who sued over an IV problem in 2009. I didn’t document any problems with the IV, because I cannot remember if we had a problem. Can this affect my license or can they report me to the board of nursing?

Also, this encouraged me to search for a job outside of bedside nursing. I am sick of bedside nursing. I work for a private hospital, and many patients just want to sue. I like dialysis and diabetes education. How can I get into these fields? If I resign, will this affect the deposition process and my license?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Rab,

It’s challenging to respond to the first part of your question without knowing all the details. But if a deposition is taking place and you have been named in the suit, you should contact a nurse attorney immediately to protect your interests and advocate for you in this situation. It doesn’t matter whether you believe you did something wrong or not. And a nurse attorney is uniquely qualified to represent and advise you in these matters. Find a nurse attorney by asking around, through a referral from your state chapter of the American Nurses Association (, whether or not you’re a member, or through a referral from The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (

Regarding looking for another job, for dialysis you need only to contact dialysis companies and apply for a job. To get diabetes education experience, you can seek positions in diabetes treatment centers (outpatient), the office of an endocrinologist or at a local chapter of the American Diabetes Association ( In fact, consider volunteering at the latter (while you work elsewhere) if you can’t find a job in diabetes education to gain some related experience and make valuable contacts.

Will your resignation impact the deposition process? I don’t believe it will, but this is something to consult your attorney about. Don’t try to figure all this out on your own. Get the professional legal help that you need now.

My best wishes,


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