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Geriatric Conference Aligns NICHE and Magnet

More than 250 nurses from New Jersey attended the sixth annual Meridian Health Ann May Center Geriatric Evidence-Based Practice Conference on June 24 at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune, N.J. The theme was “NICHE + Magnet = The Best Outcomes for Older Adults,” which focused on geriatric evidence-based practice related to the five Magnet Model Components.

Marie-Claire Rosenberg, RN, PhD, FAAN, of the New York University College of Nursing, and Sue Nickoley, RN, MSN, GCNS-BC, of Rochester (N.Y.) General Hospital, discussed “NICHE’s Alignment with Magnet.” They emphasized how NICHE and Magnet hospitals are significantly different from and better than most U.S. hospitals in terms of quality measures.

Vicki DeNoia, APN, of Meridian Quality Care, left, and Alda Venenzuela, RN

Daniel Sheridan, RN, PhD, FAAN, of John Hopkins University School of Nursing, tackled “Asking the Difficult Question: Elder Abuse.”

He said only recently has the U.S. government acknowledged the seriousness of the problem, by creating an Elder Abuse Awareness Day and ratifying the Elder Justice Act, which provides funding for the training of forensic professionals who deal with elder neglect and abuse.

Second-place poster winner Nicole Marie Ortiz, RN, of Ocean Medical Center, left, with Ramona Maltby, RN, contest chairwoman.

Sheridan reiterated the legal importance of accurate nursing documentation in cases of falls and other traumatic injuries among elderly patients, specifically the nurse’s description of the kind of wound sustained. “Be mindful of your nursing notes as they may be part of forensic documents that will be needed during a trial,” he said.

Larry Purnell, RN, PhD, FAAN, of the University of Delaware, College of Health Sciences, introduced new facts about the emerging minority populations of Bosnians and Hispanics in New Jersey. His topic was “Cultural Competence for Newer Groups of Vulnerable Older Adults.”

Christine Hader, RN, left, and Linda Hassler, RN, both of The Ann May Center for Nursing.

Linda Hassler, RN, MS, GCNS-BC, geriatric program manager and conference chairwoman, teamed up with Christine Hader, RN, MSN, CCRN, CPAN, both of The Ann May Center for Nursing in Neptune, to explain and demonstrate “Geriatric Simulation.” Hader emphasized how powerful simulation is as a teaching methodology and how debriefing helps close the gap between theory and clinical principles.

“Nurses are the innovators of the new healthcare reform in the USA,” Hader said. “To become innovators, nurses need transformational leadership.”

Marie-Claire Rosenberg, RN, of the New York University College of Nursing.

Ten geriatric clinical scholar project presentations also took place: “Skin Assessment,” Denise Hamilton, RNC; “Diabetes Education and the Transition to Home,” Sue Bitten, RNC, and Giovanna Beaudry, RNC; “Care at the End of Life,” Kristen Bier, RNC, Mary Beth Cruickshank, RNC, Darlene Innocent, RNC, Cynthia Inserra, RNC, Cara Kennedy, RNC; “Depression and Quality of Life in Dialysis,” Enid Russell, RNC; “Outpatient Dialysis: Unsafe Sexual Practices With Older Adults,” Arnold de Luna, RN, BC, BSN; “Emergency Geriatric Care,” Cynthia Kushner, RN; “Appropriate Ambien Dose,” Leslie Kellogg, RNC, BC, BSN; “Therapeutic Activities,” Judy Finkel, RNC; “PAINAD Update,” Rhodora Barretto, RNC, BSN, Jocelyn Benauro, RNC, BSN, Lyn Ompod, RNC, BSN, Josephine Vega, RNC, BSN; and “Ambulation and the Reduction of Functional Decline Update,” Denise Schwartz, RN, BC, BSN.

Geriatric clinical scholars, back row from left, Giovana Beaudry, RN; Carolina Nobleza, RN; Luis Ingles, RN; Betty Dowd, RN; Edie Kastner, RN; and Enid Russell, RN. Middle row from left, Susan Love, RN; Barbara Boyler, RN; Jane Drucker, RN; Cindy Inserra, RN; Sharon Lubeck, RN; Cindy Kushner, RN; Arnold DeLuna, RN; and Sue Dolak, RN. Front row from left, Linda Hassler, RN; Kristen Beer, RN; Cara Kennedy, RN; Mary Beth Cruikshank, RN; Sue Bitton, RN; Leslie Kellogg, RN; Roxanna Santiago, RN; Rhodoa Baretto, RN; Denise Schwartz, RN; Nicole Ortiz, RN; Traci Glasgow, RN; Donna Wicoff, RN; Denise Hamilton, RN; and Linda Wrigley, RN.

There also were 11 posters on display. First place went to the “Shooting for Five Star Rating” by Vicki DeNoia, APN, Meridian Quality Care; second place to “Foley Catheters and the Reduction of Their Use in the Hospitalized Elderly” by Nicole Marie Ortiz, RN-BC, BSN, of Ocean Medical Center in Brick, N.J.; and third place to “Alliance for the Ages: Geriatric Interdisciplinary Teamwork is Central to Quality Care and Improved Outcomes for our Hospitalized Elders” by Diana LaBumbard, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC, CCRN, Huron Valley Sinai Hospital in Commerce, Mich.

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