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White Plains Trains Students to Become Future RNs

This summer, White Plains (N.Y.) Hospital Center again offered the Nurse Apprentice and Student Nurse Associate programs — competitive projects for students interested in pursuing nursing as a career. Although nearly 70 applied for each program, only 22 candidates per program were accepted based on required criteria and a selective interview process.

The Nurse Apprentice Program is designed for high school juniors or seniors who are interested in applying to nursing colleges, or nursing college students who have not started clinical rotations. It’s a seven-week summer program that includes an intense orientation, a “swap day” spent in a specialty area other than nursing and a three-week rotation on two hospital units. During this time, students assist with direct patient care, take vital signs, transport, clean and feed patients, answer call bells, run errands, observe “code blues,” assist with postmortem care, observe OR procedures, and witness single and multiple births. The students work closely with staff to understand the rewards and challenges of nursing.

At the end of the program, each student shared a brief summary of their experiences.

The following 2010 White Plains RNs started as summer 2009 nurse associates, front row from left, Amanda Lisiewski, Jackie Zangari, Stephanie Montaldo, Vanessa Albani and Patty Swayne; middle row from left, Anesha Hines, Taris Yeboah, Amanda DeAngelis, Samantha Alessi, Ancy Oomman, Jessica Salvador and Chanika Campbell; and back row from left, Michael Malizia, Chandi Rai, Aleshia Falconer, Kelly Longworth, Shalimar Oviedo and Sarah Gluss.

The Student Nurse Associate Program is designed for college nursing students who have had at least one clinical rotation. Most of these candidates entered their final year of college this fall. They undergo an intense orientation and are assigned to a specific unit for 10 weeks. Their responsibilities included caring for a group of patients under the supervision of an RN.

As student nurses, they were able to strengthen their organization and priority skills, learn new procedures and techniques and were introduced to a variety of diseases and patients on a single unit. These students worked closely with nurse technicians and RNs to deliver safe care.

White Plains continues to strengthen its programs for future RNs, and several former nurse apprentices and student nurse associates began employment as RNs. Between June and September, 19 new graduates were hired and oriented on units throughout the center.

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