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Lifelike Situations Enhance Learning at St. Anthony’s Medical Center

Meet Tony, the SimMan G3 who is helping St. Anthony’s Medical Center increase its use of simulation in helping staff obtain more experience. Tony (or Toni if the simulation calls for a female patient) is a computerized lifelike mannequin that provides hands-on learning.

“We’re the only acute care organization in St. Louis using SimMan G3,” says Shelly O’Malley-Robinson, RN, MSN, at St. Anthony’s. “At this point, we’re having our entry level nurse assistants and newly graduated nurses, who may or may not have taken their boards yet, do a lot of real-life scenarios that wouldn’t otherwise be available.”

Shelly O’Malley-Robinson, RN

SimMan G3 is the latest model of simulator-dummies and, as O’Malley-Robinson points out, is so lifelike that it breathes, sweats, cries and has humanlike skin, a pulse and pupils that can dilate.

“He’s wireless, so we can bring him into the room,” she says.

This state-of-the-art technology is perfect for St. Anthony’s because it has fewer resources for hands-on training when compared with teaching hospitals, O’Malley-Robinson says.

“Our long-term goal is to have a free-standing simulation center,” O’Malley-Robinson says. “But for right now, Tony is a big asset.”

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