I want to be a traveling forensic nurse. Do such positions exist?

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Dear Donna,

I am currently in my second year of a BSN program, and I have a question for you. I am interested in becoming a traveling forensic nurse. At first, I wanted to be either/or, and then a family member of mine figured I could put the two together. I was wondering if you knew if such nurses exist. And if they do, what steps should I take while in college to make sure that I acquire the right qualifications to land the job?

Student Nurse

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Student Nurse,

Forensic nursing is a specialty that continues to grow and expand. I do not know of any traveling forensic nursing positions, but you can learn more about the specialty from the International Forensic Nurses Association (IAFN) www.iafn.org.

Most travel nurse agencies want a nurse who has at least one year experience of any kind before traveling. That’s because you need to “hit the ground running,” and that is not an ideal situation for a new graduate nurse. You should plan to do some stationary work with one employer for a year or so and then look into travel nursing. You’ll find additional information about various specialties at http://www.nurse.com/students/careersinnursing.html

In terms of what you can do while in school, you can join IAFN as a student member. You also can do some informational interviewing (www.nurse.com/Cardillo/Interviewing) with other forensic nurses. Find them through the association and by asking around. Consider looking for part-time work in a county morgue, the office of the medical examiner, an agency that investigates elder or child abuse, or a rape crisis center.

Good luck, Donna


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