I feel as though I am not cut out to be a nurse. What should I do next?

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Dear Donna,

I have been an RN for almost three years, and before that I was an LPN for about five years. I feel as though I was not cut out to be a nurse. I started when I was 18. I always knew that I hated the hospital setting and working with groups of people. However, any job that I apply for is asking for this type of experience. I feel stuck and unhappy. I tried case management but found I didn’t like that either. I’m trying private duty nursing with children, but anything that I try to get into is asking for experience. I feel as though I wasted my money going to nursing school because now I cannot find anything I want to do. Things I would like to do, such as chart review or administrative functions, I don’t qualify for because of my limited experience.


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Tameka,

It sounds as though you could use career coaching or counseling. Finding a job doesn’t seem to be your main challenge, but rather deciding where you want to go from here in your career, where you fit in and even if you want to stay in nursing.

Career counselors can do testing to see what your strengths, interests and preferences are. These tests don’t tell you what you should do but rather what types of things people with similar characteristics are doing. In any event, it can be one path toward better self-understanding and future career success.

Career coaches can help you evaluate options, set goals, do a self-assessment, improve your self-marketing skills and decide where to go from here. It is preferable to find a nurse career coach since he or she should have an in-depth understanding of the unique skills/knowledge we possess and the broad and varied opportunities for nurses.

Also, it’s not true that you are not qualified for certain positions because of limited experience. It depends on the employer and the job. There have been new grads who have been hired into chart review and many other similar positions.

Consider attending my Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar (www.Nurse.com/CEseminars). In fact, I’m doing an informational webinar on this seminar Monday. Find out more at www.eventbrite.com/event/757110538.

Best wishes,


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