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what should I do to go back to bedside care?


Dear Donna,

I have been doing utilization review and similar non bedside jobs for the past six years. I want to go back to bedside care. What should I do to get back into it?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Elizabeth,

Start by making contact with area hospital nurse recruiters and ask about your eligibility for a bedside position. If most of them recommend that you take a nursing refresher course, then you should consider that. Read “Re-entering the Workforce” Even though you’ve been in the workforce, most of the advice in this article pertains to returning to bedside nursing, including how to find a refresher course.

You should also join and get active in your state chapter of the American Nurses Association,, if not already a member. If you are a member, get out regularly to meetings. You can even attend as a guest at first if you wish. This is a good way to get up to date with issues, trends, and knowledge, build a support system and make valuable contacts. Networking is well known to be a great way to find and get any job.

I also suggest that you attend nursing career fairs in your area. This is a good way to speak to many prospective employers in one place, find out how marketable you are, hone your networking and self-marketing skills, and expand your network. See what’s coming up in your area Read “How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Career Fair”

Transitioning is a process, so be patient with the process and with yourself. Persistence and determination will always win out in the end!

Best wishes, Donna


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