How can I transition into nursing after working as a chiropractor?

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Dear Donna,

I am a chiropractor struggling within the profession. I am considering a transition to the nursing field. My education includes a bachelor’s in humanities. I also completed my premed studies before earning my chiropractic doctorate in 1993. Can any of my education be used to transition to a nursing program? If you were me, how would you move forward?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Curt,

You would not be the first chiropractor to transition into the nursing field. Your education might be too old to transfer (the sciences usually have a short shelf life), but you never know.

Because of your previous education, credential and experience, I recommend that you look for an accelerated BSN program. You feasibly could complete it in 14 to 16 months. You also can look for second degree BSN programs that are similar to an accelerated program. You might even consider an entry-to-practice MSN degree – depending on how much, if any, of your past education your program will accept and how quickly you want to complete your nursing course of study.

Best wishes,


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