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Goshen College Hosts Annual Nursing Mock Convention

The nursing department at Goshen College recently held its 39th annual Nursing Mock Convention.

The theme of this year’s event was “Mandate for Nursing: Health Promotion and Justice in Health Care.”

The event began with a keynote address by associate professor Sherry Wenger, RN, BSN. The mock convention is a simulation of a nurse’s convention designed to teach students leadership skills and to increase knowledge of important issues in the nursing field.

Students engage in conversation during the event.

While the mock convention helps students evaluate issues in the healthcare field, it also prepares them for membership and participation in professional nursing organizations after graduation.

Associate Professor of Nursing Mervin Helmuth speaks to participants of the mock trial.

“Nursing has a long history of applying the theory that learning happens best when one gets the learner actively involved in a simulated or real situation,” said Mervin Helmuth, RN, BSN, associate professor.

Helmuth, along with some of his colleagues, came up with the idea of a mock convention in 1973 while attending the Indiana State Nurses Association Convention.

According to Helmuth, one of the goals of the mock convention is to give students an “opportunity to learn leadership concepts while discussing current nursing issues in a convention format.”

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