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Cancer Treatment Centers Adopts ‘Patient-Empowered Care’ Model

Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa is creating a more streamlined and convenient healing environment for patients through an improved care model.

Dubbed “Patient-Empowered Care,” the new treatment model at Southwestern Regional Medical Center allows patients to stay in one exam room to see members of his or her care team, which includes a medical oncologist, RN care manager, dietitian and naturopathic practitioner.

The model also improves communication between the patients and their healthcare team, says Tammi Holden, RN, BSN, director of ambulatory services for Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa.

“It’s important for patients to have consistency in their care, and this new model allows for that by increasing communication through one consistent team,” Holden says. “Core team members come to the patient in one comfortable room, one right after another, for a focused visit that ensures the entire care team and the patient are on the same page throughout treatment.”

The treatment program starts with a nurse navigator, who does an assessment over the phone. The evaluation helps the team be better prepared when the patient arrives at the hospital, Holden says. The nurse navigator also follows the patient’s care throughout the evaluation period to ensure he or she clearly understands his or her condition and makes educated decisions, Holden says.

As part of the new care model, a clinic expansion is slated for completion this month, when the hospital will have five patient care teams in place.

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