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Nurse Invents Handy Gripping Tool

After decades of working as an RN in Illinois, Michigan and Florida, Sharon Zelinko, RN, who works at Life Care Center in Winter Haven took it upon herself to create a tool that would make nurses’ jobs a little easier.

“I always carried a hemostat in my pocket because I couldn’t twist IV tubing open,” Zelinko said in a news release. “My co-workers often asked me for it during the course of my shift because they experienced the same problem. I thought, ‘Surely someone could put grooves in the shaft of my medical bandage scissors so I could grip IV tubes.’ Later I thought that if no one had come up with the idea in 15 years, maybe I was the person to do it.”

Zelinko, a nurse for more than 50 years and the mother of eight children, took on the project of inventing Gripsors in 2005 and recently developed the stainless steel medical bandage scissors with fine grooves between the handles that allow nurses to grip items in order to twist, insert or extract.

Although the patent on the product, known as Gripsors, is pending, Zelinko has begun marketing across the country and has made sales in Florida, California, Nevada, Michigan and Illinois. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“My brother is an engineer and he helped me put my idea on paper in a technical drawing,” Zelinko said in the release. “God has sent people all along the way to help me along the path to putting an idea to solve a common problem into a tool I’m so proud to introduce to the medical community.”

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