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Speaker Incites NYU Langone RNs to Plan for Healthier Tomorrow

During National Nurses Week, NYU Langone Medical Center Hospital for Joint Disease nurses were invited to the hospital’s Loeb auditorium for a presentation by Donna M. Nickitas, RN, PhD, CEA-BC.

Nickitas is a professor, graduate program specialty coordinator for the dual-degree master’s program in nursing administration and public administration between NYC’s Hunter and Baruch colleges, and editor for Nursing Economics, the Journal for Health Care Leaders.

From left, Cris Candelaria, RN, nurse recruiter; Althea Mighten, RN; Lolita Compas, RN, nurse educator; Gwen Irish; and Melissa McIntyre, RN, nurse recruiter.

Nickitas’ presentation, “Nurses: Caring Today for a Healthier Tomorrow Through Accountability, Continuity and Transparency (ACT),” encouraged the nurses to be accountable for what goes on in healthcare by making sure they are represented at the policymaking table; to continue to provide quality patient care; and maintain a level of transparency so that others will know and understand nursing’s value to the healthcare system.

The Hall of Fame set up in the lobby displays the names of nurses who have achieved certification in their specialty areas.

Nickitas also explained that the “T” could stand for technology, reminding the audience that nursing leaders must be instrumental in developing clinical IT applications.

“You must also be able to translate, synthesize and interpret the data in order to share it,” she said.

Concluding her presentation with an overview of the healthcare law, Nickitas told nurses that they should reflect on the work they do every day. “That’s the best way to create a healthier tomorrow,” she said.

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