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Should I pursue an MBA or MSN?


Dear Donna,

I am in the final year of nursing school. I want to continue my studies. What should I opt to do? Should I go for an MBA, MSN or something else?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Sonia,

It depends on what your interests and career goals are. If you think you might want to teach nursing some day, then getting an MSN would be the way to go. Aside from that, I always recommend choosing a course of study that is interesting and exciting to you based on the coursework and curriculum, rather than what the major is titled. Read “How to Get Back to School” at

You can, if you wish, get a dual MSN/MBA. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for nurses pursuing higher education. It certainly is a perfect combination for almost any work setting/position, since nurses today need to be astute clinicians and business people.

Good luck!

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