Are there careers that combine nursing and politics?

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Dear Donna,

I am ready to move away from bedside nursing. I’m also considering quitting nursing after 18 years. I love politics. Are there careers that combine nursing and politics?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Catherine,

Getting away from the bedside is one thing; quitting nursing is another. I have a broad view of who a nurse is and what a nurse does. So the answer to your question is yes, nurses are involved in politics across the country, and this is one more way to make a positive difference as a nurse. Read “Nurses, Politics, and Power” at

Many nurses hold public office positions. Here are two articles about some of them: and

Nurses also are lobbyists. Read more at and

Others are involved in the development of health, public and organizational policy. Check out the website of the Nightingale Policy Group and consider joining

For more articles about nurses and politics, type “politics” in the search engine.

A great way to start is by joining the legislative committee of a nursing professional association such as the American Nurses Association — your state chapter or at the national level — or another nursing association. If you don’t belong to an association or other group, join one and get involved.

You go, girl!


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