What is the most difficult thing about an LPN program?

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Dear Donna,

I’m considering leaving a secure police dispatching job for an LPN program that starts in January. I am nervous and have questions. I’ve been an EMT for 10 years and a 911 dispatcher for almost as long. It seems like nursing is the natural next step for me. What is the most difficult thing about an LPN program? What’s the most surprising thing? Math is my worst subject.


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Patty,

Change is scary, but without it there is no growth. And if you’re not growing you’re stagnating. Also, in reality, no job is “secure.”

I agree that nursing may be the next natural step for you. But I am wondering why, with your 10-year EMT background, you are considering becoming an LPN as opposed to an RN. Understand that RNs have more opportunities, a broader scope of practice, make more money and have a more “secure” job future. The LPN role has had its ups and downs over the years with some hospitals opting not to use LPNs at all. Please give the RN option serious consideration.

You should definitely speak with some RNs and LPNs before moving forward. Find them by asking around and using your contacts in healthcare. Do an informational interview (www.Nurse.com/Cardillo/Interviewing) of sorts with them and ask them any questions you have. If you pose your two questions to different nurses, you’ll get different answers.

Visit the website www.discovernursing.com for more info about becoming an RN. You also may find this article helpful — www.dcardillo.com/articles/success-students.html.

Best wishes,


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