What are good topics for discussion at in-service training sessions at my facility?

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Dear Nancy,

I am an RN who recently finished a paralegal course. I don’t think I am interested in working in the paralegal profession, but I was hoping to help nurses and CNAs in my facility know more about the legal aspects of what we do.

I recently conducted an in-service training session at my facility where I spoke about negligence in nursing. Could you suggest any topics that could be useful? I work in what is considered a long-term care facility that also does a lot of rehabilitation work. We admit people a couple of days after surgery. We had more than 300 admissions last year in a 120-bed facility, so many of the patients we admit are not there for long. Many are there for PT, OT, ST or all of the therapies. One lawyer with whom I communicated suggested that documentation is a good topic.


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear John,

There is a wealth of information available to you as you decide what topics you would like to prepare for in-service sessions. To help you decide where to begin, you can review what is available in hard copy and online resources.

As examples, there are a number of noted lawyer authors who have written texts on legal issues in long-term care. Likewise, there are journals specifically focused on long-term care issues, both clinical and legal. General texts on healthcare delivery and the law also would add to your possible subject list.

When doing presentations of this kind, much of the initial work goes into determining a topic. It takes time to research what the topic or topics are that will be covered and then making certain your resources are up-to-date on the issues involved. As you probably know, it then becomes your task to present the material in a way that your audience can understand and incorporate into practice.



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