What was the highest score one could achieve on the nursing boards in 1982?

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Dear Donna,

What was the highest score one could achieve on the nursing boards in 1982, the year that I took them? I know the scoring is different today. I have asked representatives from the state board of nursing and NCLEX Examinations Department, but they don’t have the information. I know it does not matter, but I was curious.


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Mary,

Your question takes me back to the “good old days,” when those of us who took the State Board Test Pool Examination, aka state boards, before July 1982 had to physically show up at a test center and take a 2½-day test with pencil and paper.

According to my research, there were five different exam sections: two for med/surg, one for obstetrics, one for pediatrics and one for psychiatric nursing. The highest score one could receive in each section was 750. A passing score for each section was 350 in all states other than New York and California, which required a minimum score of 500 in all sections.

The NCLEX-RN was administered for the first time in July 1982.

Thanks for that walk down memory lane.

Best wishes,


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    Wendy October 30, 2021 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    I’m replying to an old post, but found my aunts lpn board results and she scored 746. That was in 1955 in Michigan. I wonder if the top score was 750??

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