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Should I try to find a per diem job while I look for regular work?


Dear Donna,

I have been out of work for a few months and am having a hard time finding a good fit anywhere. My practice for most of my career was cardiac in nature, but as I have aged I have received fewer offers. My most recent job was at a nursing home. Do you think a per diem job might work out for me?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Terry,

The job market for nurses is tight in many parts of the country. I wouldn’t attribute your job-finding challenges to your age; 45% of the nursing workforce is older than 50.

Per diem work would be great for you to do while you continue to look for whatever suits you. In addition to doing per diem directly for one facility, contact some nursing agencies. Many have traditional and non-traditional positions such as school nursing, occupational health, etc. This is a good chance to try out different specialties and gain some varied experience. Additionally, many part-time and temporary positions turn into regular employment.

Volunteering also is a great way to make contacts and get your foot in the door somewhere. Since you have a cardiac background, why not contact the American Heart Association and other related social service agencies about employment or volunteer work? Nurses do education, research, policy development, client outreach and support and more for these agencies. Many volunteer positions lead to paid employment.

In the meantime, give yourself a career makeover, or at least an update. What worked for you in the past may no longer carry you into future. Read “Give Yourself a Career Makeover” (

Try a new approach. Focus on all of your great experience and what you have to offer rather than your perceived drawbacks. Do more networking, consider volunteering and agency work, and move forward with confidence.

Best wishes,

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