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Nursing Excellence finalists: Mentoring

Nursing Spectrum will honor the 30 finalists in its 2010 Nursing Excellence Awards and choose a winner in each category June 8 at Martins Crosswinds in Greenbelt, Md.

The finalists in Mentoring are as follows:

Theresa Kasper, RN, BSN
RN 2
St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore
Nominated by: Tracia Miller

Theresa Kasper, RN, BSN, shines for her ability to develop new nurses, allowing them to adequately function in a new environment and continue their growth in the profession. She has been a preceptor to more than 30 people throughout her career and has become a role model to all nurses because of her compassion and career commitment. Kasper exhibits qualities such as personal integrity and strategic vision. She has an ability to teach, coach, share wisdom, listen, advise and provide clinical expertise to others. Kasper portrays patience and understanding, which are vital characteristics when serving as a preceptor. She provides honest, constructive criticism, thus enabling individuals to grow and maintain positive attitudes throughout their careers. A problem solver and avid listener, Kasper can put a message into perspective and sort out details to provide a solution. Kasper has shown that mentoring involves guiding, advising, teaching and supporting new nurses on the unit. She sets the example of excellence in nursing skills and has a high standard of professionalism. On the IMCU unit, Kasper is fondly known as Mother Theresa because of her motherly interventions. Kasper is a team player and a team builder, working with others to empower them to create and sustain a professional working environment.

Delmy A. Vesho, RN

Delmy A. Vesho, RN, MSN
Patient Care Director
Inova Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, Va.
Nominated by: Won-Whelh Zuagar

Delmy A. Vesho, RN, MSN, is valued and respected by the nursing division, by medical staff and by all members of the multidisciplinary team. Colleagues routinely ask Vesho to be involved in projects and committees because of her strong communication and organizational skills. The nursing staff values her clinical background and sees her not only as a leader but also a strong clinician. She excels in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with others and is always responsive to the needs of others. Vesho has a glowing smile that radiates enthusiasm, encouragement, energy and engagement. Her unit has gone through transition in director leadership four times in the past five years. Vesho is credited with providing the supervision and direction that has allowed the staff to bond. Vesho worked closely with one experienced, well-respected nurse, recognized this nurse’s clinical expertise and helped to groom her for leadership. While the nurse was initially closed to new ideas and new expectations, Vesho helped bolster the nurse’s confidence, worth and ability to understand the bigger picture. Today, the nurse is a champion at unit and hospital levels as the hospital prepares for Magnet redesignation. When a recent patient safety event occurred, Vesho collaborated to find a solution with different disciplines, including quality, risk management, hospital and physician leadership and nursing. Vesho volunteered her team to be a pilot unit for a new program to facilitate early identification of risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia. She routinely mentored unit nurses on HAP and the patient care protocol. Vesho went on to become involved in the organizationwide HAP team, for which she provided strong support and suggestions based on her unit’s experience.

Jacqueline Wavelet, RN

Jacqueline Wavelet, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC, CNL
Med/Surg Clinical Nurse Specialist
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, Alexandria, Va.
Nominated by: Sarah Mossburg

Jacqueline Wavelet, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC, CNL, precepts a student every semester, which makes her responsible for regular feedback, help with managing student projects, and interim and final evaluations. Seen by colleagues as a resource and a mentor, Wavelet helps motivate staff to pursue higher education. Wavelet has spent the past two years working with a wound ostomy and continence nurse on developing and providing education related to prevention and treatment of wounds. This nurse is new to her role and welcomes Wavelet’s support and feedback. Together, they created nursing order sets for the wound care policy. Recognizing the difficulties that staff nurses would have using this policy, they created a wound care manual that has copies of the nursing order sets for each type of pressure ulcer. Wavelet sits on the clinical ladder committee for nursing, where she mentors new committee members and clinical ladder applicants. Wavelet serves daily as a clinical resource and mentor for nurses, especially when challenging or new clinical situations arise. The hospital recently began to accept patients who have Vascular Access Devices into the program. Wavelet has worked closely with the rehab nurses to provide them with education about VAD patients. Whenever there is a VAD patient on the unit, she follows the patient’s clinical status and checks in with the nursing staff daily to provide support and assistance. Wavelet recognizes the critical importance of having leadership and clinical support available to all shifts and has gone out of her way to see that she provides it. She makes it a habit to spend at least one night shift a month working with the staff throughout the hospital and providing education and support.

Susanne T. Fehr. RN-BC

Susanne T. Fehr, RN-BC, MS, CE
Nursing Resources Manager
Inova Alexandria (Va.) Hospital
Nominated by: Joanne Gucciardo

Susanne T. Fehr, RN-BC, MS, CE, has been the catalyst to getting a nursing research council started; bringing up care fusion housewide; taking the hospital lead on implementation of the electronic order entry system; and leading one unit in the Transforming Care at the Bedside initiative. All of these projects are successful because of her dedication and unwavering nursing support. She has been known to come in at 4 a.m. on the day of a project launch just to provide extra staff support. Fehr is a brilliant critical thinker and teacher, able to reach staff at all levels throughout the organization and health system. Two years ago, Fehr saw the need to encourage nursing research, so she developed a series of basic classes for a group of nurses and an easy research project. The group was involved in all aspects of the project, from submitting a proposal to analyzing data to developing a poster. Fehr provided guidance every step of the way, leading to a heightened interest among nurses to conduct clinically based studies in their respective specialties. The hospital now has four research projects in the works. For the TCAB initiative, Fehr supported staff and unit leadership by facilitating weekly meetings, helping them maintain and review monthly data and genuinely celebrating their successes. She taught the nurses how to develop presentations, and several staff members have presented their successes at national TCAB conferences. One of the posters was accepted for the 2009 National Medical-Surgical Nursing Conference. As the key stakeholder in the successful go-live of the electronic order entry program, Fehr worked tirelessly to make sure the staff had the necessary infrastructure in place and all the tools they needed before the start date. The physician in charge of the program credited Fehr with the unit’s success.

Rona Corral, RN

Rona Corral, RN, MSN, CNS
Medicine Clinical Nurse Specialists
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore
Nominated by: Mary Ann Greene, RN, MS, NEA-BC

Rona Corral, RN, MSN, CNS, leads, coordinates, manages and facilitates an initiative with a local health sciences high school. The program’s goal is to develop an ongoing partnership with this community high school and develop quality RNs from the community. The program was awarded the Maryland State Department of Education Award in 2009 for demonstration of commitment to local youth and career mentoring. The initiative provides an opportunity for seniors to work in a structured, clinically focused mentorship program as the student progresses through the nursing curriculum at college and takes the NCLEX exam. Graduate nurses in the program become full-time employees at the hospital. An RN mentor is assigned to assess and address the overall educational, emotional, mental and spiritual status of the student as it relates to the student’s progression in the professional development process. Corral stands out in other ways as well. This year, she noticed reports on blood cultures were demonstrating unacceptable contamination rates, and the solution she initiated significantly decreased those rates. Corral developed an education plan to assure each staff person was competent in the correct technique. She provided 35 hours of staff education on evidence-based practice guideline changes to blood cultures and provided each staff member a pocket card. She made sure blood culture instruction sheets were placed in each bedside chart.

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