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White Memorial Team Treats Haiti Victims

A team of three nurses and five physicians on staff with White Memorial Medical Center returned March 1 from Haiti, where they spent eight days providing medical aid to more than 10,000 victims of the country’s earthquake.

A total of $37,349 was raised from 118 donors — many of them White Memorial Medical Center employees — to help fund the effort.

The Los Angeles-based team, led by Faisal Khan, MD, joined an international relief effort organized by Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services, a project of Sustainable Healthcare Initiatives Now Empowering.

Below: Kandice Medina RN, left, and Helen Ho, MD, treat a patient.

Nurses on the team included Kandice Medina, RN (ED); Patty Nogueda, RN (education and training); and April Fowler, LVN (organizational excellence).

Their base of operations was a former amusement park-turned makeshift hospital, located near the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. The facility had three main care areas: sub-acute, acute/ER and an operating tent.

Only the operating tent was air-conditioned. Team members also provided care at a clinic set up by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in a town about 5 miles outside Port-au-Prince. They made nightly excursions to the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince, where care was sporadic.

Nogueda and Fowler dispensed medications, among numerous other duties.

Khan said the team definitely made a difference. “We all feel exhilarated because of what we have achieved in terms of patient care, cooperation, friendship and spirit, but we also feel sadness not knowing what the future is for these beautiful but vulnerable people. Despite the need for more work in Haiti, whatever little we contributed — with the help of all those who supported this project — we made some difference in the lives of the Haitian people.”

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