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How can I get licensed to work in a state when my original education transcripts were lost in a fire?


Dear Donna,

I have been an RN in New York for several years. I received my nursing education many years ago in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am trying to get a license in Texas. I have contacted the nursing school in St. Petersburg and have been informed that there was a fire that destroyed the detailed records of my education.

Texas will not license me until they receive the records from the Russian school. There are copies of the records in New York, where they were sent so I could get a license there.

How can I get a license in Texas? I have been trying to get it for 10 months, and I really need your help.


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Irina,

I would suggest that you get an official letter from your school in Russia, on school stationery, stating that your records were lost in a fire. Your situation is obviously out of the ordinary and involves extenuating circumstances. I would suggest that you again attempt to contact the Texas Board of Nursing, perhaps the president or executive director this time, about your situation and stress that you have been licensed and practicing in New York. Ask for advice and help with this special situation. Be persistent.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact a nurse attorney in Texas to help. You also can try contacting a local politician in Texas to help you. Find a nurse attorney in Texas by getting a referral from the Texas State Nurses Association (, through an Internet search, or contact The American Association of Nurse Attorneys ( This might be your best and only option to get this situation resolved.

Best wishes,

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