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Greater Chicago Nursing Excellence Finalists: Teaching

Finalists for the Nursing Spectrum Nursing Excellence Awards event, which takes place May 5 in Schaumburg, Ill., in Teaching are as follows:

Peter Falcis, RN, BSN, BSCS
Clinical Information Systems Specialist
Adventist Bolingbrook (Ill.) Hospital
Nominated by: Kathy Mitchell

Peter Falcis has made a major impact in a short time on the training process at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital. This year, he has overseen two major upgrades to the hospital’s electronic medical record system and successfully implemented the opening of a large outpatient clinic. Falcis serves as the administrator of a productivity and staff management tool and a computer-based learning tool for competencies and compliance. He represents the hospital during weekly calls on a clinical council made up of 25 hospitals in the system. An extraordinary staff resource, Falcis has made it a priority to visit the units in order to assist nurses when they need it. Falcis is known for putting together extensive training plans. If the corporate office suggests nine hours of training, he will search for a way to complete it in seven. Many organizations have what can be costly consultants do the training or assist with managing productivity, but Adventist has those services inhouse, thanks to Falcis. In February, Falcis completed his part of the opening of a new offsite outpatient clinic in 14 days — a job estimated to take 90 days. This, of course, was while juggling other projects. Falcis takes responsibility for his work. For example, most hospitals have a super user on the night shift who is responsible for training the night team. But Falcis took it upon himself to organize and lead a training session every Thursday from 5 to 11 p.m. in the hospital’s computer lab. He goes beyond his traditional job duties. To this day, he works weekends as a nursing supervisor in order to keep his clinical skills sharp.

Debbi Del Re, RN

Debbi Del Re, RN, MSN
Regional Coordinator for Nursing Education and Staff Development/New Grad Residency Program Director
Adventist Midwest Health, Glendale Heights, Ill.
Nominated by: Jackie Conrad

Deb Del Re embraces every opportunity to teach and mentor, giving new and experienced nurses the tools they need to succeed and excel in nursing practice. She creates an environment in which nurses become excited about their professional practice and positively and effectively changes the behaviors and attitudes of everyone she touches. Early in her career, Del Re developed and implemented a Psychiatric Nurse Liaison program, where she not only worked with the physicians and staff to ensure appropriate placement and treatment of behavioral health patients, but she also mentored the nursing staff there, so that they had the tools to successfully care for this critical patient population. The program was so successful that she later presented on it at the Sigma Theta Tau International Society of Nursing Convention. Del Re has developed educational curriculums for ED staff related to the management of psychiatric patients. She asked ED staff what first comes to mind when they are about to care for a psychiatric patient and developed the curriculum for the program based on their answers. As a result of her teaching, patient elopements and calls for assistance because of aggressive patients have decreased. There were fewer staff and patient injuries resulting from aggressive patients, and overall staff satisfaction and comfort level with these patients have improved. Del Re also oversees the successful New Graduate RN Residency Program, which had a first-year cohort of 14 nurses. The program, which recently received a grant from the DuPage County Incumbent Worker Training Program, is expected to expand in its second year.

Deborah Raley, RN-BC

Deborah Raley, RN-BC, MSN
Clinical Nurse Educator/Clinical Faculty
Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, Ill.
Nominated by: Dave Hanson

Deborah Raley is known for her unwavering pursuit of creating a culture of inquiry and learning. Her major educational accomplishments have included chairing the development of a systemwide (eight hospitals) critical care course and basic arrhythmia education program. During her 30 years as a nurse and educator, Raley has developed curriculum and taught many programs, including critical care nurse certification, management of intra-aortic balloon pump, advanced pulmonary and neurological nursing, renal replacement therapies and others. Most recently, she led a multidisciplinary team of clinical educators to integrate e-learning activities into existing educational programs and bedside data management systems. Raley developed and implemented a three-year educational program to improve care of mechanically ventilated patients in the acute/critical care setting and the successful introduction of Web-based patient and family education resources specific to intensive care units.

Eun Goldstein, RN

Eun Goldstein, RN, MA, CCRN-CMC, FACCN
Clinical Care Nurse Specialist
Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Ill.
Nominated by: Christine Cooper

Eun Goldstein, who is president of the American College of Cardiovascular Nurses and founder of the Illinois Chapter of Cardiovascular Nurses, is known throughout the Chicago area for her teaching and excellent knowledge of critical care nursing. Students from her classes have achieved a 100% pass rate on the certification test for critical care nursing, thanks to Goldstein’s knowledge base, excellent didactic presentations and perseverance in follow-up with students who need further clarification of the concepts. She instills a desire to learn in her students because of her infectious quest for knowledge. As the facilitator for Nursing Grand Rounds, Goldstein works with staff from each unit to do formal case study presentations. Since many of the staff have not presented to an audience before, she works with them on fliers, slides and rehearsals before the actual presentation. This exceptional nurse also is dedicated to educating nursing staff at the bedside. If there is a critical patient situation, Goldstein is at the patient’s bedside, working with the staff nurse, patient and family. It is not unusual for Goldstein to be present on an evening, night or weekend shift, lending her expertise to promote quality patient care.

Rebecca A. Steinmann, RN

Rebecca A. Steinmann, RN, APN, CEN, CPEN, CCRN, CCNS
Clinical Educator, Emergency Department
Edward Hospital, Naperville, Ill.
Nominated by: Patti Ludwig-Beymer

Rebecca A. Steinmann knows every one of the more than 200 ED staff members. She had established an incredible rapport with management and staff within a few months of arriving as clinical nurse educator. More importantly, Steinmann knows the strengths, learning styles and areas of opportunity for each RN, patient care tech and unit secretary. She plans, delivers and evaluates the educational programs based on learners’ needs. Steinmann is a consummate educator, providing education, facilitation, coaching, guidance, support and mentoring to students, new staff, and experienced staff in a variety of venues. An excellent clinician, Steinmann has a solid clinical background, a great depth of knowledge and excellent critical-thinking skills. She is eager and enthusiastic, and her positive approach is contagious to staff and management alike. She makes learning fun and memorable. As a unit educator, Steinmann interacts with nurses daily to assess and meet their learning needs. She is available days, evenings, nights and weekends for staff. In addition to providing clinical education, Steinmann also mentors staff on evidence-based practice and research projects. Her passion for nursing and education do not stop in the ED. Steinmann serves on a number of housewide committees and collaborates with other departments to develop and implement new processes aimed at streamlining ED care.


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