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OPINION: Don’t Hold Back; Celebrate RNs

It’s that special time of year again when you have the opportunity to recognize the extraordinary contributions that nurses make to their patients, each other and to the profession they love.

So much of the amazing work of nurses goes unheralded as they carry out their life-changing work at the bedside, in communities, in classrooms and in boardrooms. However, the NurseWeek Nursing Excellence Awards are a fabulous occasion to change that and lift up their wonderful stories. Think about those nurses you work with every day, whom you’ve observed giving exquisite care, support and a unique touch to patients, families, students and colleagues, and use these awards as a way to recognize and thank them for what they do day in and day out.

There are six categories of awards for you to choose from, and you can nominate as many nurses as you like in any and all categories. The categories are:

• Advancing and Leading the Profession: To recognize nurses who have led, advanced and strengthened nursing as a profession.

• Clinical Care: To recognize nurses who have demonstrated excellence in direct care delivery.

• Community Service: To recognize nurses who have made significant professional or voluntary contributions in the community.

• Management: To recognize nurses who have demonstrated exceptional management of patient care services.

• Mentoring: To recognize nurses who have provided a positive professional influence, guidance and support of other nurses.

• Teaching: To recognize nurses who have contributed significantly in education, professional development and long-term learning of other nursing professionals.

All nominations of your outstanding RNs are done online by going to our Web site at There, you’ll find samples of past winning nominations and tips for writing your own nominations. The deadline for submitting nominations is May 15, so don’t delay. Take the time today to honor all those deserving nurses among us by telling their stories for the NurseWeek Nursing Excellence Awards.

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