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Health Unit Coordinators Are Super Users

As healthcare reform debates continue, the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators is proactively forming its growing membership. More than 30 health unit coordinators and students from Utah, Nevada, Idaho and California met Feb. 20 to review legal considerations and their evolving role.

Health unit coordinator is the official title for the position many nurses have known as unit secretary, unit coordinator or unit clerk. Statewide chapters meet in workshops for education and networking throughout the year.

Linda Winslow, Karen Wood HUC, Kitty Myers HUC, Helen McClure CHUC, Patricia Rice BA, CHUC, Lyndee Leavitt, AS, CHUC, CNA

The emerging Computer Physician Order Entry technology is being viewed as an opportunity for HUCs who are ready to become the “super users” of hospital data entry and record management. The National Association of Health Unit Coordinators Inc. supports computerized provider order entry as a means to initiate safe and efficient patient care. According to its official statement, “through certification and continued education, the health unit coordinator is an essential member of the healthcare team, coordinating the delivery of services to patients, families and caregivers.”

“NAHUC is dedicated to promoting HUC as a profession and complies with the NAHUC Standards of Practice, Education and Code of Ethics,” said Betty Lamb, director of certification for NAHUC. The unit clerk role began during World War II and has expanded to allow clinical staff more time for direct patient care as the HUC manages patient charts through processing doctor’s orders and transcribing. Founded in August 1980, the NAHUC organization exists to support the profession and certification of health unit coordinators in the U.S. and Canada.

Board members, from left, Juliann Olsen CHUC, Betty Lamb, CHUC, Nadine Stratford CHUC, and Marilyn Morin.

Patricia Rice, BA, certified health unit coordinator and NAHUC board member, said the HUC role is an important member of the healthcare team and plays an important part in the day-to-day functions of any patient care unit or department. As the hub on a wheel, the abilities of the HUC can help the wheel of the department spin more effectively which results in better patient care.

“Since becoming a member of NAHUC, my entire world has expanded,” said member Linda Winslow, BS. “I have a national network of peers who are always willing to share information which helps me better perform my job. It gives me a new perspective on how to approach problem solving.”

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