My employer wants to keep my original nursing license. Is this appropriate?

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Dear Donna,

Does my full-time employer have the right to keep my original nursing license? I feel a copy is appropriate. I paid for the license so shouldn’t I be the one to keep it?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Julie,

For your question I consulted Leo-Felix Jurado, RN, MA, APN, NE-BC, professor and chairperson, department of nursing, County College of Morris,in Randolph, N.J., and past president of the New Jersey Board of Nursing. Here’s what he had to say.

“Employers should verify that your license is valid and current. Most employers validate it by visually inspecting and keeping a log/computer check sheet to take note when their employees’ licenses expire. Other employers make a copy and mark it void. I would say that it would be extremely unusual practice for an employer to keep their employees’ nursing licenses. You may think of your nursing license similar to that of a driver’s license. You should carry it with you all the time when at work. Some patients might ask you to show them your license while at work; that is a valid patient request. In short, the original copy of your nursing license should be in your possession at all times.”

You also might want to check with your state board of nursing if you have further concerns.

My best wishes,


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