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‘A Humbling Experience’

When I got the call from Project Hope to go to Haiti, I didn’t think twice. They called me on a Monday and the next day was on a plane, heading towards devastation unlike any I’d ever seen.

Although I have been a part of the Massachusetts National Disaster Team, I’d never actually been deployed to work in a disaster environment before. I only had my training and 20-plus years of critical care nursing experience to take with me.

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    Kim November 10, 2018 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Dear nancy I was recently fired for abandonment at nursing home for refusing to work on a floor of 60 pts by myself… I had not clocked in and didnt get report. I told the supervisor who ignored me, and when I left, she wrote a letter saying I didnt tell her than quit herself that same night not long after I left… I have been seeing a chiropractor for back pain this year due to working short staffed a lot during the year in which I had to do cna work, work the floor with 60 pts, be the Nurse as well. I quit being supervisor myself a couple of months ago for same. There are four floors 2 foors with 60 pts, 2 with a capacity 30.. I had recentlty told scheduler that due to my pain I cant manage the bigger floors adequately. The night I left I was scheduled as a float nurse which assists the nurses on the big floors. The nurse for 200 wing was not there… Im told he showed up at 2am. Also a 3_11 shift nurse decided to stay, so the pts werent unattended.also 3_11 nurses, ( they get 2 nurses) for that shift) where still there working. I left at about 12:30am when I saw that that nurse was not there yet… I know they have right to fire me but do they have the right to call it Abandonment?

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    Melanie July 12, 2019 at 1:45 am - Reply

    Hi Nancy, I’ve been a RN for 5 years and just recently I renewed my license, unfortunately I did not complete my 30 CE’s so my license was not 100% renewed. I’ve been working under an “expired” license. Should I call and report to the dept of nursing and what do you think my penalties will be? Thank you for your time.

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