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St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Offers Top-Notch Treatment and Addiction Services

With more closings of methadone clinics around the city, the Addiction Institute of New York at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals, two of the five Continuum Health Partners hospitals, still help those who need treatment. The program is the only place in New York City where patients can get Medicaid care for detox, including outpatient treatment for cedoxone and methadone.

The institute offers full-service treatment for addiction, both inpatient and outpatient, with a 37-bed inpatient unit that includes five emergency observation beds. Other programs the institute offers include a women’s health program, a halfway house that provides services for 24 residents, and Nurses Helping Nurses, a program for chemically dependent nurses designed, structured and run by nurses.

Back row from left, Maria Nietes, RN; Susan Ignacio, RN; Glenda Miranda, RN; Clair Lunt, RN; and Bessie Matambo, RN. Seated, from left, Martin Maurais, RN; Mitzi Sawicki, RN; Lisa Clovey-Millar, RN; Rosa Williams, RN; and Elizabeth Clark, RN.

Because of its proximity to New York’s Port Authority, the institute receives patients from all over the world, to the tune of about 400 per day. “Lots of patients come in from the street,” Mitzi Sawicki, RN, nurse manager, said at a recent roundtable discussion with Nursing Spectrum about St. Luke’s-Roosevelt programs. “Some are ‘missing persons’ who are brought in from the train station or the street because they’re exhibiting psychotic behavior.”

Many times patients are found wandering around without an ID and cannot remember their names. Sawicki and assistant nurse manager Lisa Clovey-Millar, RN, recounted how one such patient revealed she was from Kenya after she was treated. “We have to do a lot of investigating,” she said.

The institute also has programs for adolescents and geriatric patients. “We have huge community services here,” said Susan Dietz, RN, chief nurse and vice president of patient care services. “From the geriatric program at St. Luke’s to our outreach programs, we have full-service psychiatric services. Our program is very successful and very unique.”

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