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SUNY Downstate Medical Center Hosts Transcultural Nursing Conference

The Department of Nursing Services at the University Hospital of Brooklyn — SUNY Downstate Medical Center hosted the first Regional Transcultural Nursing and Healthcare Conference for the New York tri-state area in September. The conference was a grant-funded joint venture between UHB and the Transcultural Nursing Society and part of a national study to develop cultural competencies through evidence-based best practices. The more than 180 transdisciplinary participants represented five states and included nurses, physicians, nursing students, nursing and physician faculty, human resources staff, patient relations staff and chief diversity officers.

Transcultural nursing scholars Larry Purnell, RN, PhD, FAAN; Marianne Jeffreys, RN, EdD; and Dula Pacquiao, RN, EdD, CTN, were among panel speakers that included Stephen R. Marrone, RN-BC, EdD, CTN-A, UHB deputy nursing director and member of the Transcultural Nursing Society Board of Trustees; Rafael Ruiz, PhD, assistant director of clinical practice and outcomes research of the Greater New York Hospital Association; and Virginia Tong, LMSW, vice president for cultural competence at Lutheran Medical Center.

From left, Stephen R. Marrone, RN; Jean McHugh, RN, assistant DON/nurse educator, department of nursing education, professional practice and research, Institute of Continuous Learning; and Larry Purnell, RN, transcultural nursing scholar.

The program included topics related to current and future regulatory requirements related to cultural competency, the Purnell model of culturally competent healthcare, transcultural nursing and healthcare administration, improving the quality of healthcare through cultural competence, meeting the needs of diverse learners, managing cultural and generational diversity in the workforce, and achieving cultural competence with limited resources.

UHB — SUNY Downstate is developing a diversity model based on the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Healthcare Services Standards, and plans are under way to host another Transcultural Conference this September.

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