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I’m considering becoming a life coach or starting a nurse staffing agency. What is your opinion on these fields?


Dear Donna,

I am an RN, BSN, MHS, and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Currently, I am a case manager at the VA and have a good job, a good salary and a nice boss. The problem is I want my own business and have set my goal to incorporate and get started in 2010. I saw your newly released CD set at will purchase it to get me started on the right foot. My question is what have you noticed is the current trend for life coaches and staffing agencies?

I have researched coaching and considered taking a course, but I began thinking that I would be starting all over in a new field. I began thinking a nurse staffing agency might be somewhat easier to get started. What’s your opinion on these two fields?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Michelle,

When the entrepreneurial fire is ignited, it is hard to extinguish it. Coaching would be easier to get started and promote on many levels. But any business takes time to build.

To start a staffing agency, you need considerable start-up money because you have to pay the nurses you send out whether or not your clients pay you right away. Additionally, many facilities are hardly hiring these days and are cutting back on agency nurses. Plus, there is a tremendous amount of competition right now. When the big nursing shortage was predicted, everybody and their uncle opened up a nurse staffing agency.

A life coaching business can be started with minimal start-up capital. There are many life coaches out there (it’s a very popular concept right now), but you can establish your own clientele by working hard to build your client base through self-promotion, building credibility, positioning yourself as an expert, etc.

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My best wishes,


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