I’m thinking of starting a business administering Botox in the home. Can this be done under the guidance of a medical director?

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Dear Nancy,

I’m thinking of starting a business administering Botox and other skin fillers in the home. Can Botox be administered in the home by an RN under the direction of a medical director? Would the business need home care licensing to open? (All procedures will be based on out-of-pocket pay from clients.)


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Sybil:

Your questions need to be discussed specifically and fully with a nurse attorney or attorney in your state who can advise you about: (1) The scope of practice of the registered nurse in your state and whether administering Botox and other skin fillers is included in the definition of nursing practice; (2) Whether a “home care license” is required for this type of business; (3) What protocols would be required by the “medical director” and what they should include; and (4) How to document not only the payments received for your services but also the documentation necessary during the procedures you are going to undertake.

Other issues impact upon your potential business as well. As examples, does your professional liability insurance cover such a role? How will the “medical director” coordinate care with a patient’s physician, if one exists? If you are going to eventually use other nurses to perform the administration, will they be employees of yours or employees of the medical director? What qualifications will you require of any additional nurses who work with you (e.g., certification, experience or clinical aesthetician license/certification in addition to being an RN)?

More and more nurses are entering the field of aesthetics in which state nurse practice acts and/or rules allow for this role. Carefully planning your business before you begin providing actual care is essential in order to avoid any pitfalls that might arise.



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