Is there a refresher course I can take to pass the NCLEX?

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Dear Donna,

I graduated one year ago from an LPN program. I have been doing MA work in a podiatry office for about a year now. I procrastinated and did not take the NCLEX until about two months ago. I received near passing in all categories and below passing in two areas. Is there a refresher coarse that I can take? I have tried to find them in Florida, but I can not seem to find one. I would like to bridge into becoming an RN, but I cannot unless I pass the NCLEX and receive my license.

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Rick,

You may want to take an NCLEX-PN review course rather than a refresher course. This type of course is designed to help you do well on the licensure exam. I know of at least one company in Florida that offers this and also has a self-study program. Find them at This link is for informational purposes only and does not in any way constitute a recommendation for the program. You may be able to get additional resources from the Florida chapter of the National Federation of LPNs at

Good Luck!


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