I have ADHD and am on medication. Do I have to tell prospective employers?

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Dear Nancy,

I recently changed positions. I am now on the prescribed medication Concerta. I didn’t want to tell my new employer that I was taking this medication. I stopped taking it a few days prior to my physical. I haven’t heard back from them. Do I have to tell them about the medication I’m taking?


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Carolyn,

Taking a specific medication for a medically diagnosed condition is nothing to be ashamed of. Many employees take medications and can function well in their work setting. Manipulating any medication “PRN” is not a good idea for anyone since consistent blood levels of a medication is necessary for it to do its work.

Having ADHD should not be a hindrance to obtaining a job, especially if it is well controlled with your medication. Indeed, not taking it before an interview may result in more harm than good in that you may not be the “same” person during the interview that you would have been had you continued your medication.

Many employers require a blood screen before offering an applicant a job. When one is required, it is always important to inform the person drawing the blood of any medications being taken, as they most likely will show up in the screen results. It is better to share the information, rather than have to explain a positive result or results afterward, if the applicant is given the chance to do so.

For your information, the Americans With Disabilities Act protects individuals with medical conditions like yours, and an employer can not refuse to hire an applicant solely on the basis of the disability unless the applicant is not otherwise qualified (e.g., cannot perform the functions of the job). It might be helpful for you to consult with a nurse attorney or attorney in your state who works with employees and can specifically advise you about this federal law and how to handle future job interviews.



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