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Diversity on Display

Prompted by the desire to learn about other cultures and share her own heritage, University of Maryland Medical Center nurse Pauline Esoga, RN, senior clinical nurse 2, recruited other international nurses to participate in a celebratory program May 12 during National Nurses Week.

The event, which grew quickly to involve nurses and staff members from throughout the facility, included a poster session that depicted the healthcare practices of each participant’s native country or region of the United States, along with food samples from each home area.

Nurses showed off past and present uniforms at the diversity event. At right, Mary Herster, RN, displays American nursing attire before scrubs.

Nurses and staff from Russia, China, Nigeria, Somalia, Scotland, the Philippines, India, Iran, Cameroon, and several U.S. regions took part. The event also included a pharmacist from India, Annappareddy Reddy, who provided a world map, which was covered with participants’ pins from Canada to New Zealand and from coast to coast across the U.S.

Representatives from numerous nations wore full traditional dresses and served international foods that drew a long line of eager tasters.

Among the foods served were puff-puff, chin-chin, meat pie, fish roll, akara, and suya from Nigeria; pancit, lumpia, puto, toron-fried plantains, and cassava cake from the Philippines; samosas, gulab jamun, and banana chips from India; and shortbread from Scotland.

University of Maryland Medical Center nurses perused the dozens of poster presentations.

Included among those in traditional dress was Mary Herster, RN, nurse manager, transplant surgery unit, who displayed American nursing attire before scrubs.

The posters enhanced the understanding of the differences of UMMC’s people while focusing on what brings them together — a love of Baltimore and the roles they play within the culturally diverse environment of the medical center. The event’s success was evident by the amount of positive feedback from staff members, who already are planning next year’s event.

Maureen Archibald, Pauline Esoga, Francisca Nwugwo, Vijaya Ramakrishnan, Lil Salada, and Priya Viswanatha are nurses at UMMC.

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