I have degrees in journalism and marketing. How would a nursing degree complement these degrees?

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Dear Donna,

I have a BS degree in journalism/advertising and an MBA in marketing. I have worked as an account executive for advertising agencies in my past career. I am interested in a career change and was wondering how a nursing degree would complement my other two degrees? What positions will I be most qualified for?

By the way, I am contemplating a career in nursing because I really want to help people who are sick and make them feel better physically, mentally, or emotionally.

When I Grow Up…

Dear Donna replies:

Dear When I Grow Up,

With an RN after your name in addition to your degrees and experience in journalism and marketing, there is very little you couldn’t do! In addition to all of the traditional direct care options —and there are many — you could write/develop educational materials for consumers and providers. You could be a community liaison for a pharmaceutical company and speak at related support groups (for diseases/conditions for which they produce certain drugs). You also could work for a nursing/medical/healthcare consumer publication.

In addition to the above, you could work in a variety of clinical settings and also become active in the American Nurses Association or a nursing specialty association and assist them in advancing their message and causes.

Keep in mind there are many ways to make a difference — some of them direct and some of them indirect. Nurses have an enormous opportunity to make a difference and do more good, and they have a virtually endless number of ways to do it. Once you get into school and learn more about nursing and the healthcare system, you’ll start to learn about the possibilities. You may want to visit www.discovernursing.com.

Best wishes,


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