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South Nassau Communities Hospital Strives for Fast, Efficient Care

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. — In today’s fast-paced, complex healthcare world, every hospital’s mission is to provide patients with the best care and get them home as soon as possible. At South Nassau Communities Hospital, the nurses have made quick, effective care their first priorities.

The facility recently opened a fast-track ambulatory surgery center that handles smaller cases in a timely manner, freeing up the hospital’s OR for larger, more complex cases.

“The center is able to accommodate [patients] and help them leave as quickly as possible,” says Arlene Aragona, RN, one of the two RNs who staff the center. It was Aragona’s idea to open the center.

Latoya Benwarisingh, RN

The ambulatory surgery center manages patients from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and families are allowed to stay for the entire day. There is an area below the unit for families to wait while their loved ones are in surgery. The area features TVs and Internet access. During recovery, families join the patient until he or she is ready to go home.

The orthopedic unit shares the hospital’s dedication to its patients. The unit boasts a two-and-a-half-day length of stay for its total knee replacement and total hip replacement patients and physical therapy is offered right on the floor.

In addition to getting patients up and about in record time, the unit also is big on patient comfort. “The goal is to monitor our patients’ pain,” says Latoya Benwarisingh, RN, a nurse on the unit. The On-Q pump infuses local anesthesia directly into the site of operation, while the morphine pump allows for self-medication when necessary.

Putting patients first is what South Nassau does best, says Donna Pandolfi, RN, nurse recruiter. “The staff here makes our jobs easier,” she says.

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