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White Plains Develops Bundle to Improve Communication

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — As another way to improve communication, administration and staff at White Plains Hospital Center developed its own nursing bundle. Over the past year, the nursing department has rolled out two of three initiatives: hourly rounding and bedside reporting. White boards in patient rooms with individualized care needs will be the third initiative introduced in the next few months.

“We start each initiative on one unit, then we identify what works and what needs to be changed,” says Leigh Anne McMahon, RN, MS, CCRN, vice president and chief nursing officer. “Based on our changes and recommendations, the units that have started them can help others who begin the initiatives.”

Nursing staff started the hourly rounding program on the orthopedic unit in partnership with the Studer group and experienced a 36% decrease in call lights. Because of that success, RNs initiated the program on maternal/child, and in response to their efforts, patient satisfaction results have risen between 96% to 98%.

Leigh Anne McMahon, RN

The 3P’s (pain, personal needs, and parenting) is the nursing focus during the rounding with new mothers. Rounding occurs every two hours, and logs are kept in the patient’s room. At night, rounding is changed to every four hours. Nursery nurses use BABY (breastfeeding/bottlefeeding, assessment, bassinet supplies, and Yes, I Know) as their guides for the hourly baby rounding. Yes, I Know refers to circumcision consent and care and car seat safety. “We designed our guidelines and questions for our nursing rounding based on the concerns that mothers most frequently brought to us,” says Joan Carlin-Halpern, RNC, MS, NNP, director of maternal/child.

Bedside reporting has been initiated on the medical-surgical/pediatric unit as well, and Reema Joseph, RN, assistant nurse manager says, “Staff members feel they can prioritize and be more prepared with planning nursing care after seeing and spending time with patients during bedside shift report. Patients feel that when they are included, they are empowered to take an active role in recovery.”

The whiteboards will offer another way for nurses, patients, and families to communicate with one another. Patients and families will be more involved in setting up and achieving healthcare goals. “We are in the process of designing a template, which will include items such as the RN name, date, time, and patient needs, such as pain and patient safety concerns,” McMahon says.

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