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Young at Heart: Book Prepares Nurses to Embrace ‘Third Age’ of Career

The biggest career challenge after finding your passion is keeping it, says Fay Bower, DNSc, FAAN.

Bower is founder of the Center for Third Age Nurses and chairwoman of the Department of Nursing at Holy Names University in Oakland, Calif. Co-written with business/sociology professor William A. Sadler, Bower’s new book “Why Retire? Career Strategies for Third Age Nurses”empowers nurses to direct their nursing careers.

The book also offers strategies to reconsider retirement, expand personal freedom, and create tomorrow’s nurse workforce.

Bower and Sadler offer strategies for working in the “Third Age,” a period of life stretching from age 50 to 75. It is at this time nurses may feel burnt out or consider a traditional retirement. “Why Retire?” introduces a positive approach to transforming a career in nursing.

Fay Bower, RN

“I did it the hard way — that’s why I wrote the book,” says Bower, who retired three times before assuming position at Holy Names.

Bower has seen several nurses tire of their particular settings, which can be frustrating. “Not all healthcare is in a hospital. You have to ask yourself, ‘What are my strengths?’ ”

Bower adds it is never too early to think about career paths, and she enstills the same philosophy in all her students.

Like any profession, trends in nursing change rapidly. Bower believes that to thrive, nurses need to know what other nursing avenues exist.

“Our biggest challenge as aging nurses is we don’t focus on the big picture,” Bower says.

Bower is happy to see aging nurses embrace new facets of nursing, such as telemedicine, robotics, and mobile healthcare. “These things spark their interest,” she says.

“Why Retire?” also discusses the importance of education. “Right now is the best time to go back to school,” Bower says. She cites government funding and scholarships as opportunities ripe for the picking.

Bower, a past president of Sigma Tau International Nursing Honor Society, will sign copies of the book at the upcoming conference in November. She also will be receiving the Founders Award in education. For more information, visit

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