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A Lesson in Horrors

Nurses and staff members at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Del., got an eye-opening lesson during a recent educational exercise.

As a way to sharpen the focus on patient safety, Beebe’s Periodic Performance Review team set up a mock “Room of Horrors” and gave nurses and staff members five minutes to write down as many errors as they discovered.

“We had excellent response from our team members,” said Betsy Frederick, RN, MSN, CCRN, director of critical care. “Not only was this a fun way to keep our skills sharp, but it increased team spirit and let team members get to know each other better.”

Distribution assistant Roxy Nichols plays the role of “Nurse Nasty” during a recent educational exercise at the Lewes, Del., facility.

Among the errors were a nurse sitting outside a patient’s room with her feet on the desk while listening to music on a portable media player, an unlocked patient bed, an open urine specimen, a walker that was missing a stopper, an open chart that anybody could read, and expirations on IV fluids and medications.

More than 100 nurses and staff members took part in the event at Beebe’s main campus and at Tunnell Cancer Center in Rehoboth Beach, Del., and competed for prizes.

Nurses and staff members at Beebe Medical Center took part in a recent educational exercise called the Room of Horrors.

“We are so appreciative so many team members from both clinical and non-clinical departments participated,” says Barb Moulinier, director of accreditation. “We have been given suggestions for the next ‘Room of Horrors’ that includes having the adjacent room set up that would display the delivery of perfect care.”

The Periodic Performance Review team monitors Beebe’s success in meeting the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals. Many of the Joint Commission goals were addressed, including infection prevention, patient identification, fall prevention, medication safety, and safety risk identification.

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