I trained as a nurse in Ghana. Can I work as a nurse in the U.S.?

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Dear Donna,

I obtained my nursing training in Accra, Ghana. Can I work as a pediatric emergency nurse in Charleston, S.C.?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Jane,

You need to contact the South Carolina State Board of Nursing to see what is required of foreign educated nurses to get an RN license. Information is available at their Web site: www.llr.state.sc.us/pol/nursing/index.asp?file=bonexam.htm#Foreign_Edu. Once you have that license, you can work in any specialty.

There also is the matter of immigration and working permits. For that, contact the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School (www.cgfns.org). CGFNS also does credentialing verification, which is required by some state boards of nursing.

You also might contact the National Black Nurses Association (www.nbna.org) for additional support and assistance.

Best wishes,


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