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DAISY Nurse Spotlights

The DAISY Foundation continues to celebrate the tremendous skill and compassion of extraordinary nurses through its nationwide recognition program. The following are excepts from DAISY Award recipients’ second-quarter nominations. To nominate a nurse you know, visit

Lisa Quigg, RN

Lisa Quigg, RN
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Santa Rosa

When a nurse is nominated for The DAISY Award by a patient who is also a nurse, it is powerful: “It was obvious to me that Lisa’s general nursing knowledge is superb. Her understanding of the needs and care of the stroke patient is exceptional. Her ability to provide patient education in a skillful way at an appropriate level to the patient is beyond compare. While her energy level almost exhausted me, her enthusiasm and dedication to excellence in care are irreproachable. Lisa’s ability to communicate verbally, by touch and with her facial and body expressions is unlike that of any nurse I have encountered in my 35+ years in the field, which includes a four-year period when I managed a large number of nursing staff in 17 countries. Simply put, in my often critical opinion, Lisa Quigg represents nursing at its finest and Kaiser is very fortunate to have her in their employ.”

Amelia Davis, RN

Amelia Davis, RN
Mercy Hospital of Bakersfield

Amelia’s DAISY Award resulted from two patient family nominations, both of which beautifully capture her extraordinary compassion and clinical skill: One wrote, “Thank you for your kindness and compassion you gave to my mother and me. We truly appreciate that you were there to hold her hand before she lost consciousness. I know it helped reduce her fear, and it gave me great peace knowing she didn’t feel alone at that moment. Now I know why nurses are nicknamed “Angels of Mercy.” I will always be grateful to you and God for such a blessing. I pray your career will be of great reward and may God richly bless you always.”

The other: “My father was somewhat psychotic from pain meds and was not an easy patient. Amelia was extraordinary. He responded to her well. Despite calls for assistance multiple times per hour, Amelia responded quickly with patience, a smile, and a gentle manner. When dad was agitated, she brought her charting “thingy” into his room and worked from there. That was amazing! Putting Amelia’s skills together with her patience and demeanor qualifies her for The DAISY Award.”

Diane Louie, RN

Diane Louie, RN
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center

A patient with rheumatoid arthritis was scheduled for a procedure, and Diane was assigned to his case. The patient was wheelchair-bound, and his condition was very severe with minimal range of motion and extreme pain. Diane worked extremely hard at accommodating this patient’s needs to reduce stress and pain, because the patient had to be awake during the procedure. When the patient returned to the hospital later for surgery, Diane took it upon herself to assure she was assigned to his case for continuity of care. She brainstormed to collect the most optimal equipment for positioning this patient and made the best of a difficult situation. The patient and his family were very grateful for her efforts, and it truly made a difference in his care and the reduction of the pain he experienced.

Ana Cabrales, RN

Ana Cabrales, RN, BSN
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

In an early morning ceremony on May 29, Ana Cabrales, RN, BSN (CTICU), was named the DAISY Award recipient at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Sleepy-eyed nightshift co-workers stayed late past their shifts to honor a friend and colleague described as a nurse with “outstanding compassion toward others and respect for her patients’ personal preferences and religious beliefs.” Several members of Ana’s family were on hand to surprise her. As soon as word traveled in her unit that she had won, the conference room quickly filled to the brim with Ana’s many friends and well-wishers.

Ana was nominated by the grateful parent of one of her patients: “I wish to nominate Ana Cabrales, CTICU nurse, for her outstanding compassion toward others and her respect for her patient’s personal preferences and religious beliefs. I experienced Ana’s respect for others when she complied with my request regarding the handling of blood according to my religious beliefs. She created a calm atmosphere and explained normal procedures in a manner that I could easily understand. Ana consulted with the ICU doctor to get further direction and change the procedure for the next blood draws that would be necessary for the remainder of my son’s stay in ICU. Even though Ana did not understand my beliefs or agree with them, she treated me with outstanding kindness and respect.”

Janine White, RN

Janine White, RN
Kaiser Permanente Riverside

One of Janine’s patients wrote the following in nominating her for The DAISY Award: “My one day of observation turned into a three-day frightening, traumatic, not soon to be forgotten, test of human endurance. Except for the skill, compassion and decisive thinking of an angel sent to do a service many train for, but few execute, the performance level of [sic] brought comfort, peace of mind and confidence to one very scared patient.

Samantha Faircloth, RN

Samantha Faircloth, RN
Rady Children’s Hospital — San Diego

Sam exemplifies the compassion and dedication that is the spirit of The DAISY Award. During the seven years she has worked in the hematology oncology unit, she has cared for many of our sickest patients across the continuum of care: from the initial shock of diagnosis, through aggressive treatment and hopefully to cure, or more sadly, through end of life care. Sam has been consistently nominated by her co-workers and this month two of her young patients added their voices in appreciation:

One said, “Sam saved my life during a bad reaction to chemotherapy! She reacted quickly, gave me some meds, and stayed with me until I could breathe again.” The other patient described Sam as “Always cheerful and fun and nice and helpful.”

With her fellow nurses, Sam is always willing to lend a hand and share her knowledge and experience. She is admired on the unit for her calm, capable leadership skills, and infectious laughter. She is an excellent primary nurse, taking on the most challenging patients and coming up with creative strategies to help them cope with treatment. We can’t think of anyone more deserving of The DAISY Award than Samantha Faircloth!

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