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Holy Name Shares Magnet Moments

TEANECK, N.J. — Holy Name Hospital held a day of employee recognition as everyone celebrated its Magnet designation June 29. “One of the keys to our success was the fact that nursing staff was involved, empowered, and acted collaboratively and autonomously during our entire Magnet journey,” said Sheryl Slonim, RNC, MEd, CNE-A, senior vice president of patient care services.

Slonim proudly announced Holy Name had received no deficiencies and no additional recommendations in the Magnet survey results. As hundreds of staff gathered to enjoy a buffet lunch, Michael Maron, CEO and president, accepted the official Magnet designation obelisk on behalf of the entire hospital.

From left, Susan Olson, RN, staff nurse and Magnet champion; Sheryl Slonim, RNC, senior vice president of patient care services; and Ashley Blanchard, RN, staff nurse and Magnet champion, share their enthusiasm and pride during the Magnet celebration.

Magnet Steering Committee members Slonim; Mary Ellen Kilgallen, RN, MEd, Magnet project manager; Beth Quinn-O’Neil, RN, MEd, director of community and clinical education; and Deborah Zayas, RN, MPA, assistant vice president, emphasized the diligent and enthusiastic efforts of everyone at the hospital.

Before the surveyors’ visit, each department hosted an open house for all hospital colleagues to see and learn from their Magnet creations. For example, the ED “Cruised into Magnet” with each port of call serving as a force of magnetism. In the ICU, a Passport to Magnet theme highlighted cultural diversity in nursing care, and Lobby North used a Broadway theme to depict each force of magnetism as a scene from the show. “The open houses were a great way for staff to recognize one another’s success stories,” Slonim said.

From left, Claire DeBlasio, RN, endoscopy staff nurse; Anne O’Reilly, RN, hemodialysis; Catherine Corruba, RN, staff nurse; and Cheryl Probst, RN, clinical coordinator, Cancer Center; served as either Magnet escorts, greeters, or Magnet champions.

With a packed auditorium, Slonim received the official news by phone June 23. A cheer resonated throughout the auditorium, and everyone witnessed the “moment” again by videotape during the June 29 celebrations. The festivities at Holy Name continued into the evening and night, so staff from all shifts could rejoice in receiving Magnet.

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