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How do I gain the experience necessary to become an RN working in labor and delivery?


Dear Donna,

I have been a pediatric RN in California for six years. I recently relocated to Colorado, and I am finding it difficult to obtain a pediatric position in northern Colorado (they all seem to be in the Denver area), so I would like to transition to labor and delivery. However, most hospitals want someone with L&D experience. How do I go about getting the experience for L&D, or possibly for PACU?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Joey,

When what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to try a new approach. I don’t know what method you are using to find and apply for jobs, but I would suggest that you rely more on networking or word of mouth — an effective way to find and get a job. That includes attending Nursing Spectrum and NurseWeek career fairs in your area (, attending local chapter meetings of nursing associations (whether or not you are a member), and showing up for recruitment events and facility open houses. Because you recently relocated, you’ll want to build a new network in your area anyway — even more reason to attend local professional association meetings.

Read “Getting the Most From Professional Associations” ( and “How to Network Successfully” ( Also read “How to Change Specialties”( for additional tips and advice on making the transition. You also will find lots more practical advice in my book, “The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses: Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career” (

Best wishes,


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